Du Toitskloof Wines Newsletter : July 2016
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The saying among vine farmers goes: a vineyard cannot go to bed hungry. Meaning that the climate has to cool down sufficiently before vines enter their winter dormancy in order to ensure that they accumulate enough reserves in the post-harvest period to hibernate unhindered. This also ensures that the vines are radiantly healthy and full of life when they enter the growing period in spring.

To be able to rest with these reserves in store, cold temperatures – very cold actually – are required in autumn, and with this year's scorching heat that persisted from summer to early autumn, many of us were worried that the necessary peaceful winter sleep would not materialise for the vineyards. Fortunately nature defies predictions. In May and especially June we not only had good rains falling across the valley, but also freezing cold temperatures which gave the plants the much needed boost required to enter dormancy.

Currently a state of blissful tranquility reigns over the Du Toitskloof winelands. The workers have begun pruning. The air is crisp and icy, especially in the mornings, and with the winter sun breaking through the clouds we are reminded every day that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The rivers are running. The vineyards are bare and clean. And the mountains tower majestically and dramatically against the blue sky, although a layer of snow would certainly round off the picture nicely.

New labels
As the accompanying photos here show, Du Toitskloof Wines' marketing team has collaborated closely with some of our board members on the packaging of certain wines. The packaging is for a new range called the Selected Vineyard Series comprising the Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinotage, Nebbiolo, Dimension and Pinotage Rosé.

These wines originate from selected blocks of vineyard located in areas where the terroir's influence on the wines is clearly discernible. The grapes are also handled separately in the cellar to do justice to the fruit's special characteristics. It was therefore decided to complement this sharper focus by giving the Selected Vineyard Series a cleaner, more focussed appearance.

As the photos indicate, the traditional Du Toitskloof elements of culture and heritage have been maintained, yet the more modern fonts and elegant neck design make the range really stand out. And this is particularly important, as packaging plays an enormous role in influencing the consumer's buying decision in an environment where hundreds of wines are vying for shelf space and attention. And with the range's new look, the wines have an outstanding appearance to match the quality of the bottle contents.

Raw Craft
In May there were some serious celebrations at the cellar, with close to 800 people visiting us to listen to great music, enjoy the delicious dishes of Melissa's, as well as the fare hauled in by various Cape Town food trucks, and...drink beer. Yes, the Old N1 Craft Beer Festival took place at Du Toitskloof, and with good reason too: the cellar launched its very own beer, namely Raw Craft.

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