Du Toitskloof Wines Upbeat about Vineyards’ Winter Recovery
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Leon Dippenaar, VinPro viticulturist responsible for Du Toitskloof’s vineyards, is upbeat despite some grim industry forecasts based around the current water crisis in the Western Cape.

“No, at the moment things are not ideal for vineyard farmers,” he says. “It is dry and in May the weather was unseasonably warm – the traditional Easter rain disappeared down the hole with the Easter Bunny

“But the rain will come. And even if it is later and less than what we are used to, the vines will get their winter rest, ready for next year’s harvest.”

Driving around the Rawsonville region where Du Toitskloof is situated, it is evident that many of the vineyards are still donning a cloak of healthy leaves. In colder years, the vines would be bare by now, secure in their state of hibernation.

“I don’t see a problem with this, as the vine-plant is a miraculously resilient plant that can adapt to many conditions,” he says. “When the leaves are still present, it means the vine is still busy with photosynthesis and when it does get to finally shut down for winter, the plant is sated from using all its energy and will fall into a deep and healthy hibernation. As the new season comes around the vine will have recovered sufficiently to begin producing new leaves, flowers and eventually fruit.

“Look at the 2016 winter – also dry and warm, but we had a spanking healthy harvest with terrific fruit of tremendous quality.

“At this stage, we just don’t want the farmers beginning their pruning programmes too early,” he says. “And of course, some cold and rain will be welcome. It might not be as wet as one of those long, dark winters that have you making potjiekos in the lounge as it is too cold to go outside, but winter will be here to offer respite from the drought and heat.

“Nature is cyclical, that’s what makes farmers such as special bunch of people.”


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