Du Toitskloof Wines Releases an Ode to Chenin Heaven
With the Chenin Blanc wines from the Breedekloof Wine Region currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity among consumers and critics, Du Toitskloof Wines from Rawsonville is certain its just-released 2017 Chenin Blanc ticks all the right boxes required of the region’s Chenin pedigree.
Can you make a difference in someone's life?
The 21st of March is not only the Autumn & Spring Equinox, but also the day that South Africans commemorate Human Rights Day. Read on to find out how wineries are making a difference in people's lives and how you, too, can make a difference. #wineforgood
Longer hang-time, more flavour features Du Toitskloof Harvest 2017
Slightly cooler conditions than usual with some farms in the vicinity experiencing a smidgeon of rain in January is allowing Du Toitskloof Wines cellarmaster Shawn Thomson to go for more fruit expression in the harvesting of the earlier grape varieties this year.
A sense of change
Everybody is taking note of the Breedekloof Wine Valley, and there are good reasons why.
Bottled Education
Excellent education for kids of wine-farm workers
Du Toitskloof Wines Newsletter: December 2016
Having a couple of retro music-lovers working for Du Toitskloof Wines, we know the term "rust never sleeps". (As sung by Neil Young). Well, the wine industry does not sleep either. So while the rest of the country begins winding down for some well-deserved rest and recreation, many involved in the distributing, selling and making of wine will have one eye on the business over the festive season.
25 verhale in 2017 US Woordfees kortverhaalbundel
Sommige is lank in die tand, ander is al lank in die land, party is nog nat agter die ore en ander is onlangs eers gebore. Só lees die curriculum vitae van die 25 skrywers wie se verhale in die US Woordfees 2017-kortverhaalbundel opgeneem gaan word. Die kompetisie word aangebied in samewerking met Du Toitskloof-wyne.
Du Toitskloof Wines Newsletter: October 2016
As they say in the classics, spring has sprung, and our beautiful Breedekloof Valley is resplendent in a green coat of young, fresh vine-leaves. The feeling is one of freshness and life. Our grape farmers are especially pleased at the healthy condition of the vines, as this implies the quality of the all-important winter hibernation the plants enjoyed.
Du Toitskloof’s Quest for Fine Wine Glory Pays-off with Veritas Gold
The premium Quest range from Du Toitskloof Wines in Rawsonville has reached new heights, with both red wines in the series winning gold medals at the largest two wine shows in South Africa.
Du Toitskloof Joins Forces with SU Woordfees in Short Story Competition
Du Toitskloof Wines from Rawsonville has joined forces with the Stellenbosch University Woordfees, one of South Africa’s leading literary festivals, in offering writers a R30 000 prize for the winner of the festival’s short story competition.
Red Blend and Pinotage rake in Michelangelo Double Golds for Du Toitskloof Wines
Du Toitskloof Wines from Rawsonville struck two Double Gold medals at this year’s Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards, one of South Africa’s leading wine competitions, winning a gleaming gong each for Quest Hero’s Journey 1 and the Du Toitskloof Pinotage 2015.
Du Toitskloof now the Sultans of Paella after Annual Winelands Cook-off
In a fierce contest providing the most demanding cooking techniques to date in the annual Muratie-Du Toitskloof Cook-off, it was the home team from Rawsonville that romped to victory with a scintillating display of open-fire paella cooking.
Best short story in SU Woordfees 2017 compilation to receive R30 000
The SU Woordfees’ very successful first short story compilation, which was presented at the 2016 Woordfees, will have even more punch in 2017 when the writer of the best short story wins R30 000.
Brink and Jonker's love letters under the spotlight at Du Toitskloof Wines
The love letters written between the literary icons André P Brink and Ingrid Jonker take centre stage during a book discussion at Du Toitskloof Cellar outside Rawsonville on Thursday, 18 August.
Du Toitskloof Wines Newsletter : July 2016
The saying among vine farmers goes: a vineyard cannot go to bed hungry. Meaning that the climate has to cool down sufficiently before vines enter their winter dormancy in order to ensure that they accumulate enough reserves in the post-harvest period to hibernate unhindered. This also ensures that the vines are radiantly healthy and full of life when they enter the growing period in spring.
Winter Warming Wineries with Fireplaces
Carla van der Merwe finds the best combination of warmth, wine and relaxation in the wine routes of the Cape.
Winter warmers 2016: top 7 winter winelands experiences that won’t break the bank
“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness” – John Steinbeck.
Winemaking Skill Superb, Grapes the Key to Du Toitskloof’s Award-winning Red Muscadel
Correct timing and achieving the elusive “sweet spot”, that’s the secret to creating an award-winning Muscadel dessert wine.
Muskadel SA 2016 Awards; Two cellars show their Muscat muscle
With the winter on our doorstep, what pairs better with a fireplace than a proudly South African wine cultivar?
Why is Fairtrade not sexy in SA?
There are a number of Fairtrade Wines in South Africa but it just does not seem to be attracting an audience or as much awareness as it should.
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